Nā Pualei o Likolehua

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Nā Pualei O Likolehua strives to maintain the cultural traditions of mele oli and mele hula to uphold the values of traditional protocol, to remain actively resonsible to the ʻāina, to enrich the spiritual balance of oneself through dicipline, and to empower through education. The purpose of Nā Pualei O Likolehua is to train women to become the teacher or the source. Hālau Nā Pualei O Likolehua was established in 1976. We are a 501(c)(3) organization.
Hula: A Living Practice
ā Pualei o Likolehua lives our cultural traditions by
  • Honoring and invoking our ancestral memories to assist and guide our traditional practices.
  • Engaging in the protocols of adornments, traditional attire, and implement crafting.
  • Giving back to the community through performances, workshops, and volunteering with organizations involved in land stewardship.

lau Values
Nā Pualei o Likolehua practices
- Caring for our cultural beliefs
Lokomaikaʻi -Spreading good will and generosity through our actions
Laulima - Helping others through joint action and cooperation
ʻImiʻike - Seeking knowledge through education
Haʻahaʻa- Humbling ourselves by respecting our culture

Kumu Hula
Leinaʻala Kalama Heine

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